About us

Landlife offers professional solutions in the fields of
marketing, communications, IT and graphics.


We don’t give advice, we haven’t been in the market for several years just to be the smart guys. We implement. Landlife employees adore and love their own specialties.

We only provide the customer that we have already tried out and was working during the test. We will not generate unnecessary marketing costs, we will not create a completely new design for your brand, just to increase our revenue side.

If you are looking for us on a marketing topic, serving the target group comes first and foremost. This is more important than the customer's need.

Landlife employees constantly train themselves, as intellectual ammunition is the most effective weapon and we also use it in marketing. We very much insist on high-quality work that is crucial in graphics and other disciplines.

We have been dealing with marketing, online marketing, IT and graphics for nearly ten years now. Our job is our hobby as well, which as a company manager and entrepreneur is certainly a motivation for you as well. For us, it’s even more: efficiency in square in Landlife mode.

The LandLife story and what is behind it.

Each story begins with joy, meadow, green grass, company formation, clients and success. Almost all of his words are true. Almost everywhere Landlife. Land and life.

Marketing was the first in the life of Landlife. After many, many years of experiencing, learning and campaigning, we kept raising the stakes while realizing we constructed a solid marketing and communication profile. Landlife first act, checkmark.


While our marketing portfolio kept growing, which also meant a straight growth for Landlife, the graphics and IT sections also slowly seeped in. We managed to fill these two service areas with professionals who, if necessary, even in the middle of the night considered the interests of the client the most significant.

We know that Landlife is not the best in terms of all service areas on the Hungarian market. But, we definitely state that Landlife is one of the best.

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